The perfect Travel Preset Pack for every travel destination – If at the Pool, on the Beach, in the Mountains, in the Snow, on events, in the streets, in the desert or under water – It always suits perfectly.

Take your photos to another level with my one click mobile filters!

I have included 7 of my top travel presets which I also use personally for my Instagram images. You can apply them Wherever you travel and use them as filters on your phone You don’t need a Lightroom subscription or even the desktop Lightroom installed. All you need is the free Lightroom app on your mobile!

PLEASE NOTE: My presets will be sent to you immediately via email once payment is received.

For your convenience you’ll also be sent a PDF document giving you a step by step guide on how to import / use the presets (don’t worry, it is easy!)

These presets are ideal for beginners or even professionals who are looking for a quick and easy way to edit images on their mobile – They are compatible with JPEG files (including iPhone photos)

Travel Preset Pack – What is included?


This Preset is perfect if you are spending your holidays at the pool or beach. The Aqua colours are light and make the water look very clear. Another great feature is that it makes the skin look smooth and tanned.


This Preset out of the travel preset pack make your city pictures pop! The moody colours make your outfit look great. It is designed for city vibes and man made tones, but can also be used with any image to add a clean and unique arty look.



The dark and underexposed editing style with focus on the greens and blues make the landscapes look clear and sharp. It´s also creates a nice contrast between you and the background.


This preset makes the sand look colourful and saturated. The matching between the red sand and the blue sky make your picture pop! It works well with warm tones, sunsets, and add a vintage look to your images.





This Lightroom preset works best with photos of snow in it. This preset includes vibrant colors, dynamic base setting and a gradient filter to complete the look.





This preset is increasing exposure/brightness, adding warmth, contrast, vibrance, slight vignette and portrait sharpening. It helps bringing out the bright version of underexposed photos.


Under water

With this preset you can get rid off the green tones and blurry looks of your gopro images under water. The preset make your photo look clean and enhances the blue colours.


I am also here to help! If you have any questions about installing, tweaking etc you can contact me via DM on my Instagram Account @jonasmoll95 or email and we’ll get back to you ASAP!